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By junjoy2


By junjoy2

Tell me again…why did you choose me?

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Tell me again…why did you choose me?

I’d dare say that most of us have some sort of lead or prospect tracking system.  It may be a program such as Top Producer that we use at Legends Realty, or perhaps your “system” is an Excel spreadsheet under a McDonald’s sack in the floorboard of your car.  Regardless the complexity of the system, it’s important to track your prospects.

Everyone has a tale of “the one that got away”, and of hoping that whatever pushed that potential client away won’t be repeated- a “lessons learned” sort of thing, to borrow from my Navy days.

While I surely think it’s important to think of prospects that never became clients and to try and figure out why, and important to look at clients that fired us and learn from a case where we might’ve erred, I think it’s also pretty dang…

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