The shocking truth about fruits and vegetables

sense of hummus

There is no shocking truth. Fruits and vegetables, in any fresh form, always look good obviously making you feeling good, let alone looking good. The main reason I eat fresh “frugies” is because I love color – I eat with my eyes first.

My mother started feeding me these beauties when I was three months old (did I mention the side that came with it? Moroccan couscous). She didn’t even have to bribe me.

With a bit of creativity and a couple of handy ingredients when the main star is a vegetable or a fruit, you can whip up a meal even you’d be surprised.

You can find the best fruits and vegetables at farmers market. Sometimes I buy from our local supermarket when travel becomes a challenge, but I never skip a fruit or vegetable – it’s always there to enjoy.

gorgeous red berries in parisBright red berries on a trip…

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