Orange you glad it’s Recipe Saturday?!

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Today’s featured goodie will be Orange Cream Cheese Bread.  I found this on the internet.  In fact, I think it was one of those sidebar ads at FaceBook…  Looked good so I tried it and wowzer, it IS good!!!  The orange flavor is just so…creamy…and it helps that there’s cream cheese in it. 😉  I added more pecans, but you can leave them out or try walnuts.  The rind is a must and I may increase the shortening/butter to 3/4 cup next time.  I made these for Christmas snacking and breakfast.  Nuke  a slice for about 10 seconds and slather on some butter.  Add  a fresh cup of coffee and heaven is sitting right there at your table!

The recipe makes 2 loaves out of this recipe, which I did and the loaves were pretty thin. So I did one loaf and baked it a bit longer.  Do the toothpick…

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