How to Lose Weight: Rosemary Roasted Salmon and Greens with Lemon and Parmesan

The longest you can put it in an oven is about 15min. or 12min. It should turn out perfect!

Dinner Plate

This is practically fast food compared to everything else I have cooked this week.  This is a California/European menu adapted from Simple Cooking by Alice Waters–which is not always what I would call simple.  The salmon is roasted on fresh rosemary leaves, but the taste of rosemary is slight, so if you don’t have any rosemary, nor a blanket of assorted fresh herbs, an oiled pan will suffice. My oven is not up to perfectly roasting at 225 degrees, as the recipe suggested, so I set it to 300 and watched it carefully, which is necessary with fish anyway.  The swiss chard in butter and parmesan is so delicious, so indulgent; it lit up my foodie receptors like an old pinball table.  Good thing I didn’t have a lot of it, or my resolutions would have melted along with the cheese.  The source of deliciousness was a block of genuine…

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